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Quote of the week: "One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain" Bob Marley

Monday, 16 May 2016

Another 'shortie' by Pablo Galván's Taller de Sueños : Another Way

Congratulations to the marvellous team involved in this project, especially to Antonio, Eduardo, Kevin and Paola : There's always another way to get your goals!! Good luck in CINEDFEST. We can go to cinedfest website and vote for our video.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

English Week 2016

Great fun and participation shown in this second video.
Thank you again to all our collaborators.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

'I Am' poems by 1º BTO and 4º ESO students. Thank you so much for these beautiful lines.

Sincerity, worries, happiness, hopes, dreams, love,...

I am gentile and educated
I wonder about my future
I hear roses sing
I see a palace of clouds
I want to have a good future
I am gentile and educated

I pretend I am always happy
I feel fairy dust
I touch Northern lights
I worry about racism
I cry for my Gran
I am gentile and educated

I understand my lessons
I say we are all equal
I dream to get better day to day
I try to make new friends
I hope my family will always be well
I am gentile and educated.
                                                                                                           Carolina Rodríguez Álvarez 1ºJ


I am loving and passionate

    I wonder if you are thinking about me
    I hear your heart beating
    I see your face in my dreamsI want to be your love
    I am loving and passionate

    I pretend I didn’t miss you
    I feel I am in a cotton candy cloud
    I touch endless love                                           
    I worry about your feelings
    I cry your absence
    I am loving and passionate

    I understand your love for me
    I say your name
    I dream about being your love
    I try to do the best for you
    I hope our love will succeed
    I am loving and passionate

    AMOR, una palabra fácil de deletrear, difícil de expresar,
    IMPOSIBLE de describir, pero maravilloso de VIVIR.

                                                            GABRIEL ALEJANDRO ROMERO ROSALES 1ºJ

      I am a peace lover, a mediator.
          I wonder about the future.
          I hear the innocent cry out.
          I see the stars.
          I want to save You.

I am a peace lover, a mediator.
 I pretend to be a hero.
I feel sad.
I touch the sky.
I worry about the world.
I cry because I’m shy.
I am a peace lover, a mediator.

I understand reality.
I tell the truth.
         I dream of peace.
         I try to protect the faithful one.
         I hope I will have a safe place. 
         I am a peace lover, a mediator.               
                                                         Alexia Pérez Herrera 1ºBTO L


                                                                                              Ginger Sáenz 4º ESO B